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Affordable and Experienced Tree Movers With an Eye for Design.

American Treescapes FleetMove a Tree up to 16 Inches in Diameter!
Our expert team offers affordable and environmentally sensitive tree removal, tree transplanting, or tree relocation services that demonstrate how a well-planned landscape can be aesthetically pleasing -- and a true investment value.

Why Cut Down That Big, Beautiful, Healthy Tree?

Just move it! American Treescapes now has the largest tree spade in the tri-state area, capable of relocating trees up to 45 feet tall. Don't wait 10-15 years for that sapling to fill-out. Relocate a tree today for maximum bang for your buck. And with high flotation tires, our 105 inch tree spade will have minimum impact on your existing landscaping.

The Area's Largest Tree Spade!Move a Tree up to 45 Feet Tall!
Large Tree Installation & Transplanting By tree spades or by hand, we can safely and carefully relocate trees 2"-16" in diameter, and plant them where they are better suited to grow and contribute to the value of you or your client's property and landscape. See Our Process at Work Here...

We Treat Your Trees Like Our Own

We Tie Trees Carefully.

We take the time to carefully tie up the branches of your tree, to eliminate branch breakage and make sure it looks as beautiful in it's new location as it did before the transplant.
Planting & Selection Consulting We are tree experts. Let's discuss what look and function you want -- shade, privacy, specimen, whatever you desire... and we can do it affordably.
Advice in Choosing Trees for Beauty, Privacy & Shade We will advise you on the best trees to select to create the desired comfort, privacy, shade, and beauty.
American Treescapes can provide for you -- right now -- trees big enough to make a beautiful, lush wall of privacy. You can actually reduce cooling costs and increase your comfort just by strategically planting shade trees. And why wait years for cool comfort? You can get large, beautiful shade trees today at competitive prices from American Treescapes.

Improve Your Property Value

Imagine if the trees on your property were more fully developed, or rearranged in a way that provided more privacy and shade. It can be done. Let's talk about how newly-planted and rearranged trees will increase property equity and create a more pleasing environment. There are many criteria for choosing trees. Some want brilliant fall colors. Others seek privacy or cool shade. It takes specific trees to meet those needs. With our inventory of deciduos trees, evergreeens, and ornamentals, we are your one-stop shop for the right tree at the right price.

Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Developments, Investment Properties, Golf Courses, Recreation Facilities, Campuses and more.
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